Please Vote!

Best Australian Blog – People’s choice award!

Hello everyone. I have been nominated for the People’s choice award for Best Australian blog. I need votes! I would love it if every took a minute out of their time and voted for me!!!

Just click the link and scroll down the page and tick the box next to Bell Night.

This award would be amazing to win. Thanks everyone!


15 thoughts on “Please Vote!

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    1. Thank you Serenity! 🙂 There is over $18,000 worth of prizes, including cash, writing courses and books, to be won by finalists and winners.
      The 2013 winner will receive:

      $1500 worth of writing courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre
      $1000 in cash
      A one-hour mentoring session with Brandon Van Over, managing editor at Random House, to discuss publishing a book based on their blog or any other writing projects the blogger wishes to discuss.
      $500 worth of books from Random House.

      1. Omgosh, you could totally use all that, even one of those prizes for sure. A writing course could benefit you. Cash could be used for anything(come on, we’re all girls here 😉 ). An hour long conversation with Mr. Van Over could be a VERY good opportunity and open a lot of doors… And books, you could always use more books. You will have to let me know how this turns out for. I pray that you get something. It would be totally awesome for you!!! 🙂
        On a side note, I just signed up for a writing course today over on Coursera. It is free and anyone in the world can take it. Maybe if you have 4-5 hours free a week for six weeks you could take a look into taking it. Here is the link: You will have to copy and paste it. Sorry, I guess it wouldn’t hyperlink. I thought I have a few hours to spare each week, so. And Coursera has tons of other free courses to in a variety of areas that you can take too. This will be my first one with them. They have courses open and listed all the way up to February 2014. Just thought I would let you know. Thought you would be interested.
        Have a lovely evening, dear. Night. xo

    1. Yes any of those prizes would be amazing! Especially because I’m so poor at the moment and I would love any oppurtunity to do more with my writing. Thank you Serenity, I always love reading what you write. Ooooh thank you I wll look up this course right away. It sounds exactly right up my alley! Ha ha yes it did hyperlink. 😀
      Thank you my dear friend. XO

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