George R R Martin: The Master of Character Writing


George Raymond Richard Martin was born in Bayonne, New Jersey, USA on September 20th 1948. He is a fantasy, sci-fi and horror writer most recognised for his books A Song of Ice and Fire. These books became an epic fantasy series which is also now a television show called Game of Thrones.

George developed an early appreciation for stories and story writing. As a child he would sell his writing to other children of his neighbourhood. George also liked to watch television shows such as The Twilight Zone and Thriller. In his teenage years George had an avid interest in comic books and enjoyed creating new superheroes of his own.  George went on after high school to the Northwestern University, Evanston, Illionois to earn his degree in Journalism. During this time he sold his first professional story to Galaxy. This story was called The Hero.

George met his first wife Gale Burnick while at a science fiction convention. They became divorced in 1979 and had no children. In February 2011, George married his second wife Parris McBride.

Here are some interesting facts about George R R Martin that you may not have known:

George is against fan fiction and believes that it is stealing someone else’s work and that it is not something that aspiring writers should get into.

George likes to collect little medieval figurines.

He has read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and enjoyed it.

George has a deep affection for wolves. He is a supporter of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico. If you have read some of his books, you will also notice a large presence of wolves throughout them.

George during the Vietnam War was drafted but instead of going to war opted to do alternative service work for two years.

George is a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

George has made sure over the years to make a regular appearance at conventions for his fans.

Supposedly George has told the producers of Game of Thrones all the plots and twists coming up in case he dies before he finishes the books.

One of the many reasons George R R Martins books have become so popular is because of his complex characters and in-depth story lines. Unlike many other writers his characters are not black and white, straight good vs. evil. He has managed to let the very essence of humanity shine through in his character descriptions.

Some of George R R Martins writing that you should check out:

Fevre Dream               Windhaven           Dying of the Light                 A Song for Lya 

Hunter’s Run                Sandkings                    Songs the Dead Men Sing          Nightflyers

Tuf Voyaging              Portraits of His Children                The Hedge Knight            

The Sworn Sword          The Mystery Knight                 Quartet                   

 Songs of Stars and Shadows       The Armeggedon Rag                 

A Game of Thrones                  A Clash of Kings              

A Storm of Swords               A Feast for Crows                   A Dance with Dragons           

The Winds of Winter                A Dream of Spring                        Dream Songs



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  1. GRRM is such a master of character development! I’ve been impressed with all of his characters in the Song of Ice and Fire series, even the minor characters. Great post on such a magnificent and inspiring author!

    Wendy @ Escape Into Fiction

  2. I like that he studied in Illinois: my home state! It’s sad he’s not a fan of fan-fiction. I think I’d be honored if I wrote something so good other people had to create and embellish on it. Like all the different fairy tale variations there are.

      1. Yes I do live in Australia. It is suppose to be winter here, but it hasn’t been very cold lately. I think winter may have disappeared early.

    1. I’m jealous. I would love to meet him. I Doubt I will be leaving Australia anytime soon though. Oooh and I Received two of your books in the mail the other week. I am looking forward to reading them after I finish the book I’m reading!

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I like compliments 🙂 I still feel like I have a lot to learn about words and writing! Thank you anyway. I very much enjoyed reading your post!

  3. PS. (I always think of something else as soon as I click Post Comment) … The book reviews are really fine. I never new that Terry Pratchett’s books disappeared off the shelves quite so nefariously. I suppose it’s slightly better than shoplifters breaking in and replacing them again! (ha bloomin’ ha)

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