Ramsey Campbell – The Best of the Best Horror Writers.

ramsey campbell

Ramsey Campbell was born on the 4th January 1946. He has been writing horror for over 50 years. He has several pen names that you may or may not recognise, – Carl Dreadstone, Jay Ramsay, E.K. Leyton, Errol Undercliffe and Montgomery Comfort. He is greatly influenced by the works of well known  author H.P. Lovecraft. Already showing an interest in the horror and sci-fi genres, Ramsey discovered H.P. Lovecraft at the young age of 8 years old. This continued on as a love affair, significantly shaping the words that Ramsey would later on write in his own horror stories. He didn’t have much to do with his father until the age of 20 and that was when his father was about to die. His mother later on during his life suffered from paranoia and schizophrenia. Ramsey’s mother, much like him was a writer but unsuccessfully so. She was the one to encourage Ramsey to pursue writing. Ramsey married school teacher Jenny Chandler and had two children with her.


Here are some interesting facts about Ramsey Campbell:

He was president of the British Fantasy Society.

Two of his novels have been turned into movies. Ramsey is a big fan of movies.

Ramsey left school at the age of 16.

Ramsey worked in a tax office for 4 years and a library for 7 years.

There was a time when Ramsey seemed to be against H.P. Lovecraft, which is contradictory to everything else that Ramsey has ever said about H.P. Lovecraft. In 1969 he wrote ‘Lovecraft in Retrospect,’ basically criticising Lovecraft’s work unreservedly. Yet later in 1985 Campbell is found to be saying “I believe Lovecraft is one of the most important writiers in the field… the first book of Lovecraft’s I read made me into a writer.”

Other than writing, Ramsey is also a proficient editor, helping put together several collections for other writers over the years.



Here is some of Ramsey Campbell’s writing:



          The Doll Who Ate His Mother

          The Bride of Frankenstein

          Dracula’s Daughter

          The Wolf Man

          The Face That Must Die

          The Parasite

          The Nameless

          The Claw



          The Hungry Moon

          The Influence

          Ancient Images

          Midnight Sun

          Needing Ghosts

          The Count of Eleven

          The Long Lost

          The One Safe Place

          The House on Nazareth Hill

          The Last Voice They Hear

          Silent Children

          Pact of the Fathers

          The Darkest Part of the Woods

          The Overnight

          Secret Stories

          The Grin of the Dark

          Thieving Fear

          Creatures of the Pool

          Solomon Kane

          The Seven Days of Cain

          Ghosts Know

          The Kind Folk

          The Last Revelation of Gla’aki

          The Pretence

          Think Yourself Lucky

          Thirteen Days by Sunset Beach

          The Booking

          The Searching Dead



          The Inhabitant of the Lake and Less Welcome Tenants

          Demons by Daylight

           The Height of the Scream

          Dark Companions

          Cold Print

          The Tomb Herd and others

          Night Visions: The Hellbound Heart ( Contains stories by Campbell, Clive Barker and Lisa Tuttle)

          Ghostly Tales

          Dark Feasts: The World of Ramsey Campbell

          Scared Stiff: Tales of Sex and Death

          Waking Nightmares

          Alone with the Horrors

          Strange Things and Stranger Places

          Tales from Merseyside  An audio collection (cassette only)

          Ghosts and Grisly Things

          Told by the Dead

          Inconsequential Tales

          Just Behind You

          Holes for Faces

          Limericks of the Alarming and Phantasmal





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