Stephen King – An author everybody knows.

Stephen King

Stephen King is a name that even the most illiterate person knows. He has sold more than 350 million copies of his book and collaborated into turning most of these into movies and television shows. There is a reason people call him ‘The King of Horror.’

His first novel to be published was in 1974 called Carrie. Carrie is still to this day a huge success. The main character in this novel is a young, mistreated high school girl named Carrie, she develops telekenetic abilities and takes revenge on everyone that ever abused her. I’m sure something that many people would have liked to have done at one stage of their lives or another. Many of you have proabably seen and heard all this before, so I am going to tell you some interesting things about Stephen King that you might not know.

Stephen King is in a rock band called ‘Rock Bottom Remainders’ along with other writers like Matt Groening, Ridley Pearson and Dave Barry. Their motto is “We play music as well as Metallica writes novels.”

In the late 70’s or early 80’s, Stephen King wrote a series of novels under a pseudonym, Richard Bachman, this was an experiment to see if he could duplicate his own success again. He did.  Bachman was later exposed as King’s pseudonym. This led to a funny press release announcing the death of Bachman from ‘cancer of the pseudonym’. In 2007, King published an old manuscript of Bachman’s, Blaze, and announced that all proceeds would go the charity for ‘cancer of the pseudonym’, in memory of Richard.

Stephen King in 1999 was hit by a van not far from his house. He suffered from many injuries including a broken leg in 9 different places, a collapsed lung, a broken hip and a big gash to the head. After all this happened and he was better, he bought the van and attacked it with a baseball bat before sending it to a junkyard. You may have seen something similar in the television series Kingdom Hospital – also collaborated on by Stephen King.

He saw a friend get hit and killed by a train when he was a child.

Writing runs in the family for the Kings.

I hope you enjoyed learning something new from this post. If you haven’t already read anything by Stephen King, now is the time.